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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

3. Where to shop in Coimbatore? ( Markets and Shopping Centers)

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Where to shop in Coimbatore? (Markets and shopping centers)

In Coimbatore, you have plenty of choices to go for shopping with your family and friends. You wish to buy mainly clothing, accessories and ornaments for you; sometimes, you may like to buy some gifts and household goods for your loved ones. You may prefer to buy some home decorations, handicrafts and artistic metal wares.

I know your wants are unlimited. Your willingness to buy goods and commodities increases with your real needs and necessitates on one side and the wants and temptations on the other side. Your requirements may range from essential personal needs like beautification accessories up to the home needs like curtains and table cloths.

You will get everything in Coimbatore city markets and shopping centers.

Coimbatore’s whole sale market:

Just go to the Coimbatore old town where you can see Victoria Town hall and the adjoining market area. It is a crowded market; you will get everything at whole sale price. In the Uppukinar lane off Raja Street in Coimbatore, you will see textile cloths and readymade garments piled like mountains. You can select from hand kerchiefs to clothing of any length and size of any mill from the whole sale merchants of Oppanakara Street close by. You know Coimbatore is a textile city and it has a good collection of handloom, power loom and textile mill cloths from all over the country. Distributors of saris, suiting and shirting cloths are ready to send your goods to any destinations for your retail stores.

Textile kings in Coimbatore:

Amidst the whole sale market the retail textile kings, The Chennai Silks and Sri Ganapathy Silks occupy a big place with varieties of silk and synthetic saris, children’s garments and dresses for men.

Coimbatore’s FMCG Market:

You will get all the grains and groceries, spices and condiments, nuts and dry fruits at whole sale prices in the Coimbatore city market in the big bazaar street.

All close by streets there are flooded with agents, distributors and traders of all company FMCG products.

Just move there from the Old Coimbatore Town area towards Gandhipuram, you will see a place called Sunday market, where you will get all hosiery textiles, readymade and inner ware accessories in whole sale and retail prices based on your requirements.

Sri Lakshmi Complex in Coimbatore:

Coimbatore Crosscut road RS Puram and Saibaba colony has a good number of retail business houses and shopping complexes where you can spend time and money. The silk people-Mahaveer’s, PSR silks, The Chennai silks, Kalyan silks and Sree Devi textiles are leading retail textile outlets where the mad crowd gets collected to spend money for their festival and marriage needs. The shopping complexes like Sri Lakshmi Complex find a place in the heart of the family shoppers as it provides all-under-one roof with food and recreations too. You can buy things there, get modernly dressed in the boutique and beautify yourself in the parlor.

Coimbatore's Sree Kannan Department store:

In the close by street, you wish to go for a shopping in the Sree Kannan Department store where you will get everything except textiles for your entire family. Here all are special and unique and the pricing also surprisingly less.

Get all groceries, provisions, food and beverages, plastics and stainless steel utensils and vessels, electrical and electronic goods, notebooks and paper products, sweets and savories of all, kinds from all destinations. You will get Gulkand made from Kashmir Roses and colorful sands and sea shells from Kanyakumari too.

You will have a wonderful shopping experience in the City of Coimbatore.

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Shopping at Sri Lakshmi Copmlex
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